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Playing For Time


MANY St. Lucians share their view that our Prime Minister is simply playing games with their livelihood and their future. The major question being posed is why are there all these councils e.g. Visionary, Productivity and otherwise when the state has a number of MPs and Ministers who have been chosen to carry out the duties of the state for which they are paid proper salaries.

If the P.M. finds it difficult and unbecoming to communicate and listen to those elected members of his own party, what can we expect from all those council members who are simply selected? In my view, the P.M. is just buying time and hoping that miraculously, the world economy will resurge and it will be alright in the morning.

To date, the Government has wilfully short changed the public by failing to adjust the price of fuel downwards when world prices have dropped by 30%. This unfortunate decision will undoubtedly place additional funds into the government’s coffers this quarter, but we wait with bated breath to see whether a proper adjustment will be made in the next quarter.


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