Once At War, Now At Peace – St. Lucia Remembers 1st World War

Photographs and information on display.
Photographs and information on display.

AS St. Lucia joined the international community to recognise the one hundredth anniversary of World War One, Ambassadorial representatives from the nations who fought against each other as sworn enemies during the war of 1914, came together to deliver a message of peace and unity.

The event was held at the Alliance Francaise on Tuesday and featured invited guests with the likes of Governor General Dame PearletteLouisy, Resident British Commissioner Andrew Price, German Ambassador Dr. Lutz Görgens, French Ambassador Eric de La Moussaye, war veterans and other local dignitaries..

War Veteran Reginald Cherubin poses with G.G.
War Veteran Reginald Cherubin poses with G.G.

Homage was paid to the millions who fought during the war which run from 1914 to 1918. Among them were 15,600 West Indians including 625 St. Lucians, 359 of whom went to active duty. Of these, 37 died and 24 returned home disabled.

Dame Pearlette said this event should be held more frequently as it stands to be more beneficial for the future generation. She said: “If we keep doing these events each year, it will be least likely that we will forget”.

Dr.Görgens invited everyone to cherish the promises of peace made at the end of the war. He said: “Let us make wars and isolation a thing of the past”.

French Ambassador de La Moussaye echoed the findings of many historians past who all said that the war was a pointless one that could have been avoided. He said it wouldn’t have happened if diplomacy had played its role with the use of better communication. This, he said, should be a learning example to all today especially the youth so that they don’t repeat the mistakes of yesterday.

Governor General joined by French, British and German Ambassadors and Alliance Franciase director.
Governor General joined by French, British and German Ambassadors and Alliance Franciase director.

“We need to build peace in everyday life through diplomacy”, the Ambassador said.

The event ended with a stirring short film by Dale Elliot called “WW1 Untold Stories, Guts Guns and Glory”. The highly informative film depicted the explanations, details and events before, during and after the four years in the trenches of war.

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