Guardsman Is RMB’s Security Partner

Image of IGY General Manager Simon Brian and Managing Director of Guardsman Tim Augustin seal deal. [Photo: IGY]
(L-R) IGY General Manager Simon Brian and Managing Director of Guardsman Tim Augustin seal deal. [Photo: IGY]

THE Island Global Yachting Rodney Marina in St. Lucia, one of the Caribbean’s leading centres for yachting and sports fishing, has enhanced its security services by partnering with Guardsman St. Lucia Ltd. The official security-handover took place on Monday.

General Manager of the IGY Rodney Bay Marina, Simon Bryan said, “The marina is committed to continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for visiting yachtsmen and other patrons. This is underlined by the decision to choose Guardsman as our security contractor. Guardsman has a great reputation of being one of the most professional security contractors on St Lucia and has a reputation for excellence. The importance of providing a secure environment, where people can relax and enjoy the social arena presented by IGY Rodney Bay Marina is a key priority for my management team”.

“Of particular significance is the introduction of maritime patrols in the marina and the lagoon, as well as a canine patrol in the shipyard. Extra CCTV has also been introduced,” Bryan added.

Managing Director of Guardsman St. Lucia Limited, Tim Augustin, said the IGY marina plays a major role in Saint Lucia’s tourism industry and the security of their patrons is very important, both to them and the industry.

Augustin added, “We are therefore extremely pleased to be partnering with IGY Rodney Bay Marina, to provide the required level of customer facing security service to all their clients. We are very aware of the far-reaching implications if there is a lack of confidence in our ability to supply this service. Guardsman being the largest security entity, both in St. Lucia and the English-speaking Caribbean, with an approximate 40-year history in the security business, has the experience and wherewithal to do the job.”

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