Traffic Management for Jounen Kwéyòl 2023 🚕🚙


ROAD users are advised to pay attention to traffic management plans for this weekend’s Jounen Kwéyòl activities in the communities of Soufriere, Mabouya Valley, and Canaries. These plans have been developed by the Traffic Management Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in conjunction with local organising committees. 


Jounen Kwéyòl activities in Canaries will be hosted on the Canaries Playing Field. Traffic will flow as normal along the Canaries main road with roadside parking restricted from Delia’s Hideaway through to the Canaries Cemetery. Parking for patrons will be at Moon river parking lot, Riverside Road. Patrons can opt for the shuttle service from the main car park to the Canaries Playing Field. Only authorized motor vehicles will be permitted to park or drive through the village of Canaries.


Jounen Kwéyòl activities in Soufriere will be hosted at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. Vehicles approaching Soufriere from the north (Canaries, Castries) will access the mini stadium via Cemetery Road, followed by a left turn onto Palmiste Road.  Palmiste Road will be open solely to northbound traffic, with the right side of the road being used for parking. Vehicles approaching Soufriere from the South (Choiseul, Laborie) will access the stadium via the La Perl/New Development Road, near Massy Stores. This road will be converted to a one-way, with the right side of the road being used for parking. Northbound traffic will be permitted to exit via Palmiste and Fond Bennier, whilst southbound traffic will exit via the Fond St. Jacques/New Development highroad. Old Trafford Bus Terminal, Soufriere Hospital parking lot, clearing near the Soufriere Infant School, and the clearing at the northern end of the mini stadium have been designated as parking areas.

Mabouya Valley

Jounen Kwéyòl activities in Mabouya Valley will be hosted in La Ressource, Mabouya Valley. Vehicular traffic will not be permitted between the La Resource/La Pearle Junction and the La Resource/ Aux Lyons Junction. Access will be restricted into La Pearle for traffic heading to La Resource from the Highway or Ti La-Resource, and for traffic heading into Ti La-Resource from the Aux Lyons Main Road. Parking for vehicular traffic coming from the north will be at the Grand Riviere Playing Field, the Agricultural Division Grounds, opposite Valton’s Building Supplies opposite the Richfond Police Station. Parking for vehicular traffic coming from the south will be at the Agricultural Complex Grounds, and Level Grounds at La Caye, Dennery.

Motorists are encouraged to pay attention to road traffic signs. Vehicles found to be obstructing the flow of traffic or parked in designated ‘no parking’ zones, will be towed at the owner’s expense. Where possible, motorists are encouraged to utilize alternative routes during the periods of the diversions. Motorists should also anticipate longer commute times during festivities this Sunday, October 29, and are asked to cooperate with the RSLPF in ensuring a steady flow of traffic.

All motorists are reminded to take all necessary precautions whilst driving. If you are drinking, do not drive; the life that you save might be your own.

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