Project Chocolat Presents: “Fête Kwéyòl” – A Family-Friendly Celebration of St. Lucia’s Creole Heritage

Malcolm Mathurin - Events Coordinator - Project Chocolat
Malcolm Mathurin – Events Coordinator – Project Chocolat

AS the scent of roasted breadfruit and the melodious notes of Creole rhythms begin to envelop our island, there’s no denying that October’s Creole Heritage Month is upon us. Project Chocolat, on Saturday 28 October, at 7pm, will be unveiling ‘Fête Kwéyòl,’ an event meticulously curated with families in mind. Emphasizing the vibrant tapestry of our Creole heritage, this family-oriented event promises to bind generations through traditional food, music, and entertainment.

Set against the backdrop of the premium locale, that is Project Chocolat, Rabot Estate, attendees will be treated to the culinary delights of Creole cuisine. The acclaimed Woulé Tété Solo Group will transport guests into the world of traditional tales and dances, while the ever-exciting Xtreme Band will ensure the night resonates with lively beats.

“Fête Kwéyòl” at Project Chocolat is not just another event; it’s a tribute to our rich traditions, our shared stories, and our communal spirit,” says Malcolm Mathurin, Events Coordinator for Project Chocolat. “We’ve crafted an evening that offers families an unforgettable experience – one that honors our past, celebrates our present, and looks forward to our future.”

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