Fèsten Tanbou Comes to Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort

As activities continue across the island for the month-long celebration of Saint Lucia’s Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl (Creole Heritage Month) , the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre, together with the Cultural Development Foundation, and Events Saint Lucia, announced Fèsten Tanbou, to be held this Saturday, October 21, at the Belle Vue Combined School from 4:00 p.m.

Fèsten Tanbou, or the Drum Festival, is a celebration of the island’s rich drumming culture dating as far back as the period of Transatlantic enslavement. Drumming forms the backbone of the island’s culture and plays a prominent role in the music played during séances, Solo and most recently in Dennery Segment.

This year, Creole Heritage Month is being observed under the theme “Kwéyòl- Wasin Pèp-la” translated to “Creole-The Root of the People” and in keeping with the theme, the Folk Research Centre has underscored the significance of hosting activities in communities across Saint Lucia in an effort to revitalize our creole customs and traditions.

The event to be held under the auspices of Honourable Moses Jean Baptiste, District Representative for Vieux Fort North, will feature several drummers and drumming groups including Lapo Kabwit, Tanbou Mélé, Ras Isley, Twadisyon O’Pyay, Woulé Tanbou Solo Group, Silver Shadow Dancers, Montego Solo Group, The Drumming Duo; Jeremiah & Dwaynius, as well as drumming groups out of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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