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PM Pierre Defends Descartes-Pelius Return to Head Police Force

Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius
Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius

PRIME Minister Philip J Pierre Thursday defended his administration’s decision to bring back Crusita Descartes-Pelius as Police Commissioner less than three months after she went on pre-retirement leave.

“It’s sad that we’ve got politics at the end of all of these things,” Pierre said (on Radio 100 morning talk show ‘What Makes You Mad’) referring to Descartes-Pelius’ reinstatement and Ronald Phillip who occupied the post in Descartes-Pelius’ absence.

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre & DCP DCP Ronald Phillip
Prime Minister Philip J Pierre & DCP DCP Ronald Phillip

Phillip, during his short time as Acting Police Commissioner had to deal with allegations of sexual misconduct which today have yet to be formalized into charges against him.

Pierre, on the talk show, admitted that no concrete evidence has been presented against Phillip.

According to the prime minister, Descartes-Pelius’ return would allow his administration time to usher in new leadership for the police force.

Of the two deputy police commissioners in the police force, Pierre said both have been under some level of scrutiny.

“Now what do I do?” said Pierre, adding that Saint Lucians are capable of running “the affairs of this country.”

Regarding Descartes-Pelius return to head the police force, the prime minister said, “It wasn’t a transition from Pelius retiring to Pelius being the Commissioner, that’s the difference. There was time for somebody else to go in. Philip became Acting Commissioner.”

The prime minister said that, Phillip, who holds a Master’s Degree, is one of the most promising young policemen in the country.

Said Pierre: “There’s some (level of) discussion around them (deputy commissioners) so we said ‘listen, let’s settle that, let us allow Pelius to return for one year and then take a decision on the new commissioner of police.”

On September 4,2023 the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) announced that Descartes-Pelius would be returning to lead the Force for one year.

Referring to the allegations against Phillip, Pierre pointed out that no one has stepped forward and as such, Phillip’s life should not be placed on hold.

“We’ve (told) the Welfare Association if you have anything against Phillip bring it forward (but) don’t leave the young man’s life in a cloud… on accusations. If you have anything on him bring it forward,” Pierre said, noting that if there is a credible accusation against a police officer, that officer can face disciplinary action or even harsher consequences.

Asked whether there is a system to facilitate this, Pierre said “of course, there is the Orderly Room. I’m not sure at his rank what happens to him but there is a system.”

He noted that “anybody can do it (make accusations) … none of the victims have written anything in their own handwriting to anybody. Nobody has come forward and said anything happened to me. It’s just third parties getting involved and I can’t cast judgement on that. I don’t know, no one has come forward.”

“You have a very promising policeman (and) you have his life in abeyance on accusations, that cannot be right,” the prime minister added.

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    If the bucket is unable to hold water, that would mean it has sprung a leak, naturally to avoid going thirsty, what are the solutions to avoid going thirsty? that’s right toss it out in the garbage bin, that would be the solution and the right thing to do. if one is indecisive thinking about lugging water in a defective bucket, naturally you will have a sprinkler good only for making a mess.
    In reading this someone definitely will ponder the question, what the hell is he talking about, they would be right, on the contrary, I am thinking prices the same thing, do you want the man or don’t you, make up your mind, the population has no problem concluding if the man is guilty or not, if damage assessment concludes that it would be wise to clean up the house, then do so without putting doubts in the assumption of guilt.
    In bringing back the top cop, I say she should have never left in the first place, as much as I would like to see her lead the RSLPF, IT SADDENS ME TO THINK she is only being used as a pawn to smooth things over, inquiring minds always want to know the story, so welcome back police commissioner Crusita, may you stay be longer than was stated, we need you.

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