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We can’t go back or stay in the present. Let’s move on!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Years ago, the City of Castries was the place where all kinds of business ventures took place. Internally and externally homes were everywhere, and the city grew in numbers. 

Whether it was banking, doctor services, or legal needs you had, all could be attended to in the city.

The farmers, the fishermen, the vendors of all types of products inclusive of lumber and additional goods and services, all could and was available in the city.

It also became a hub for entertainment and refreshments of all types and wherever you found merriment, so you would find crowds and groupings of people.

Fast-forward to the present-day, people still congregating and despite all the laws that govern the city and the various restraints and constraints, the bubble continues.

People need to hustle, people need to work, people need to be entertained, they need to mingle and most of all they need to recreate.

The city comes alive from as early as 4a.m. and in some cases do not shut until 2a.m. the following day. Consider the fact that all city toilets are closed by six-o-clock and quite a lot of city businesses have no toilet services or “comfort stations, as we call them these days? So, how and where do these evening people relieve themselves.

The city council does the cleaning, they mind the outlets, they rent most of the outlets, and there are a lot of non-regulated outlets as well. So, things being as they are, could the authorities not consider making such outlets to relieve oneself open at least until 10p.m.?

We must move with the times. We need to please the people through kindness, offer them more consideration, make them more comfortable, more civil, and more respectful.

Tech City is rebuilding itself, people are finding new and existing ways to make a living, the time for innovative business ventures has come, so the makers and shakers of change must adapt to the changes.

We cannot go back to how things use to be, or allow things to remain as is presently

We need to think in the forward, advance opportunity, give new hope and improve all services.

The night is a choice, so be it day or night, services of all kinds and types are constantly required and needed.

We need to stop the suppression and the continual oppression. The people need practical support, they need to see and feel the change, as putting the people first always means dealing with their needs.

If people are given respect, you in turn can demand the same rules to govern behaviour and laws can be put in place to create conformity. We need to up our antics, make both visitors and locals proud of being in our city and the services it offers. We must become a people of a satisfactory standard and most of all, segments of our city must be policed and regulations must take center stage.

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