Statement on Dengue Fever in Saint Lucia


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs is closely monitoring the number of Dengue Fever cases recorded on the island. For the month of August, Saint Lucia has recorded three cases of Dengue Fever, however a total of 13 cases of Dengue Fever has been recorded for the year 2022.

The Ministry of Health continues to maintain active disease surveillance and is encouraging persons to  remain vigilant against contracting vector borne diseases like Dengue Fever. Although an increase in the number of Dengue Fever cases during the rainy season is not unusual, the Ministry remains on high alert and would still like to advise the public to take heed to the following best practices that you can implement:

1. Perform weekly inspections in and around your house for mosquito breeding sites.

2. Mosquitoes can breed even in the tiniest amount of water. Remove all water holding containers and stagnant water around the house to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

3. Remember, you are first in line to be bitten by mosquitoes that breed in your own yard and garden! So make sure you be careful and rid your property of breeding grounds.

4. Check water tanks and other water storage containers, ensure that they are securely covered with tight fitting lids/materials so that mosquitoes cannot access them.

5. Repair damaged septic tanks and ensure they are air and watertight.

6. Install screens on windows, doors and vents.

7. Regularly clean roof gutters and drains so water runs freely.

8. Change water in pet drinking bowls and flower vase at least once every other day.

9. Scrub the sides of all water filled containers to remove any eggs stuck to the side.

10.Use insect repellents, when both inside and outside the house to prevent mosquitos’ bites.

The Ministry of Health advises the public to visit a wellness centre in your community in the event of experiencing the signs and symptoms of Dengue Fever.

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