National Housing Census Due for Completion by Year End

Director of the Central Statistical Office, Sean Mathurin
Director of the Central Statistical Office, Sean Mathurin

Barring some hiccups and other field and technical issues, officials from the Central Statistical Department disclosed that the 2022 National Housing and Population Census is moving along and anticipates its completion before year end.

Director of the Central Statistical Office, Sean Mathurin says the exercise “has gone past the halfway stage and is due to be wrapped up by the end of this November”.

While delivering a public statement, this week, he spoke on the current progress of the national census, so far, while overcoming some challenges.

“We recently reached the halfway mark of the data collection phase of the census,” noted Mathurin.

“And by that achievement, our best estimate is that the data collection …will continue at least, until the end of November 2022,” he added. “That’s what we’re aiming for.”

Mathurin said the department continues to make progress with the collection, despite having encountered several issues “some we anticipated and some are new to us from past experiences while conducting censuses.”

Mathurin stated that a population and housing census plays an integral role for determining priorities for national development and has again appealed to the general public for their cooperation and participation.

Expounding on the purpose and objectives of such a project, he said: “The Housing and Population Census can only be successful with the support of the cooperation of the public. And every opportunity that is presented to us, we will avail ourselves of that opportunity to remind the public of the important role that they play, in terms of the success of the census.”

He said the department also wants to assure the public, “that the data collected will be done in the strictest of confidence and we have systems and methods in place when it comes to the dissemination of the data that is being collected, as it relates to the National Housing Population Census.”

The theme for this year’s national housing and population census is: Konté Ste Lisi, the future is counting on you.

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