A MIGHTY CALM — Just what the world needs now

St. Lucian poet Cindy Placide
St. Lucian poet Cindy Placide

St. Lucian poet Cindy Placide is from an isle of tranquillity and so knows personally what inner peace can mean for those who are experiencing grief and emotional conflict.

Her latest book entitled A MIGHTY CALM, references the economic nightmare that many experience daily. Words of empathy from Cindy’s experienced ascends like a kite buoyed by the Tradewinds of the Caribbean.

For many, life’s journey is an emotional roller-coaster against the headwinds of poor health, troubled relationships, economic insecurities, and the minefield that the social media landscape has become.

A MIGHTY CALM is Cindy Placide’s prescription for building self-confidence and conquering the motivation required to reach the goals, dreams, and aspirations that many long for.

A Mighty Calm, book cover, by St. Lucian Poet Cindy Placide
A Mighty Calm by St. Lucian Poet Cindy Placide

Cindy’s experience gives her ‘warrior’ status. Her poetry reflects a painful reality, but is influenced by successes in battles over fear, self-doubt, and tribulation.

A MIGHTY CALM comprises poems crafted to inspire a positive outlook, to encourage that bold first small step towards meaningful change.

Cindy Placide’s latest offering contains a prescribed stimulation for growth, a GPS map to find that elusive inner peace, so critically needed to navigate the rough seas of despair. Destination, A MIGHTY CALM, where hope and optimism are in abundance.

A MIGHTY CALM is distributed by XLIBRIS Publishing and available online at,, and other online stores where books are sold.

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