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We need more than just changing laws

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

When certain laws are amended or changed to ensure those found guilty are made to pay or put behind bars for a length of time, we think that is a step in the right direction, but if the investigating process is not stepped-up and more information is not forthcoming as it relates to criminal activity, or witness protection, how do we expect to see meaningful change?

The law enforcement module and strategies have to be adapted to deal with the changes. The law enforcement agents must become more proactive, more assertive and more intelligent and forceful.  We cannot do things as usual and expect changes. It cannot be work as usual and not being trained to do things in a different manner. We cannot depend on what we hear to justify change. Instead, we need to see more positive results.

We have to see the evidence. We must have proof that the new system or procedures are bearing fruit. We cannot deal with the usual talk culture. We have to see the proof and the number of convictions must reflect that. We need to get serious. We have to be more committed. The new mantra has to be prevention and apprehending.

People who continue to break the law must get to the mindset that they are taking chances and can, may be caught at any moment, or be made an example of, or become the sacrificial lamb.

On the other hand, law enforcement agents have to be real, stop pretending to be cops and become real cops — as in doing their work — and the public has to be satisfied with their input and do what they are paid to do, unless the problem stems from the top with bad management, poor planning or no strategy and lack of prudent management.

We cannot blame one side without the other; both parties have to deal with the scourge and the problem of criminality.

We have to take the bull by the horn and get real and stop the break of policing, because crimes happen day and night. So, it has become a fulltime job, so the force has to be engaged day and night, including holidays and Sundays. We need to see and feel the change, respect the changes and do what must be done to deal with our now problems.

We need positive change. The talk has to change to solutions and for those who don’t hear, they must feel. But one thing for sure: change has to come, or else things will remain the same.

Talk is cheap and cannot change the price of coffee, so let’s remember that action always speaks louder than words.

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