The Return of Mwa Ewitaj Kwéyòl and Jounen Kwéyòl for 2022

The Folk Research Centre (FRC) has announced a return to the traditional celebration of Mwa Ewitaj Kwéyòl and Jounen Kwéyòl for 2022, stating that due to the exigencies posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations had been restricted to a virtual format and family gatherings were encouraged in the last two years.

“This year’s celebration will see a return to the cherished observance which Saint Lucians at home and in the diaspora have celebrated with growing fervour since 1984,” noted the FRC.

The FRC says it will be guided by established national health and safety protocols, as it endeavours to steward an authentic recognition of our national heritage and that more details will be provided to the public in the coming weeks.

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