Saint Lucia School of Music Hosts “Evening of Salsa” Concert Series

Mario Rosabal
Mario Rosabal

The Saint Lucia School of Music will host a concert Series themed ‘Evening of Salsa’, this Saturday, August 27, at Shangri-La, on the corner of Military Road, Bonne Terre and the La Feuille junction.

Evening of Salsa will feature Cuban Singer, Mario Rosabal, and the Saint Lucia School of Music All Star Band, including Francis John from St. Lucia on bass, Richard Payne from St. Lucia on salsa piano, Allain Cazanias from Cuba on timbales, Venezuelan Kervis Mosqueda and St. Lucian Jhran Duncan on percussion, Daniel Petrocelli from Venezuela on guitar, and Hemerson Peña from Venezuela on Saxophone.

Hemerson Peña
Hemerson Peña

The concert series will also feature the voices of Linda “Chocolate” Berthier and Kimbally Gedeon, as well as the stellar horn section of Hilary Lewis Keitje Greaves, Cornelius Semion and Anderson Charles. Local salsa dance clubs will also be in attendance.

Proceeds from the concert series will go towards supporting the programmes of the Saint Lucia School of Music. The School of Music is an established national music institution with a long history of delivering high quality music programmes and training the best in Saint Lucian musical talent. The school utilizes music as a tool to engage youth and the entire St. Lucian community with well-rounded skills that best prepare them for opportunities within the music industry.

An Evening of Salsa is sponsored by Shangri La and Island Sounds. Partnering the event is the  Events Company of Saint Lucia.

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