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Police Investigate 3 Recent Killings as Murder Rate Climbs

A female expatriate is one of the victims of a brutal act committed in the southern part of the island, which is being investigated by police, along with other offences of fatal shootings within the city suburbs and its environs.

Police reports indicate that the island has recorded 41 homicides for the year, with the latest incident involving Gavaska Gustave, a resident of Odsan. The individual, reportedly in his mid-thirties was shot dead on Monday about 12:45 am in Jacmel.

Meanwhile, two other homicides were reported over the weekend.

On Friday, August 5, a drive-by shooting in Babonneau claimed the life of 27-year-old Shaquille Auguste.

Police also reported that last Saturday, the body of Diana Theodore, an expatriate residing in Choiseul was found at her residence, tied in a pool of blood.

Law enforcement officers are investigating the incidents.

“We have to find ways of solving these problems and I hope the police are using their best efforts to deal with the situation,” declared Prime Minister Philip J Pierre.

Despite some limitations at the island’s forensic lab, the prime minster noted, there was no short-term measures for dealing with these problems. He added: “It’s a process, it’s a process of intervention, and it’s a process of trying our best to avoid (these situations) …and also a process of solving”.

“There have been some successes. Yesterday, someone was arrested for the murder in Saltibus. There have been some small successes and surely, it’s not enough, but we have to keep on fighting to rid the country of this crime scourge, Pierre asserted.”

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