Outstanding Saint Lucian Student Tops French University in Guadeloupe

Sam Eudovicque
Sam Eudovicque

Sam Eudovicque, aged 28, was born and raised in Boguis, Babonneau by two farmers, Theresa and Hubert Eudovique. He is the last of four children. He attended the Boguis R.C Primary School and the Saint Mary’s College (SMC), where he discovered his talents and leadership qualities. He developed a passion for languages and knew, as early as form one, that he wanted to become a foreign language teacher.

Upon successful completion of his A Levels in 2013, he received awards for French and Spanish. He began his teaching career at 18 years, at Vide Bouteille Secondary School, now Patricia D. James Secondary School. It was there that his love for nurturing, mentoring and volunteerism was fueled. He was subsequently promoted to the role of teacher assigned to the counselor after several students had experienced an emotional breakthrough during his first Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) class.

After leaving to pursue an Associate Degree in Secondary Education at the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration (DTEEA) at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), he became actively involved in college life: Student Representative for his class, Vice President of the Students’ Council and a member of the SALCC Drama Club. He got the lead role (Ti Bab) in the SALCC production “A Little Folktale” written, directed and produced by Monique Auguste, a role in which his performance was exceptional.

Sam graduated as one of the top students at the DTEEA in 2018. In addition to his role as the SALCC Valedictorian for the Graduation Class of 2018, Sam was the esteemed recipient of several awards: Award for Professionalism, Contribution to College Life, Teaching Practicum Award and SALCC Valedictorian. He was also chosen to be the Speaker of the House for the National Youth Parliament 2019 Sitting and Saint Lucia’s Most Outstanding Leader for 2018.

Sadly, in 2018, financial constraints forced him to forego his university acceptance and return to teaching for a few years. In 2021 Sam was accepted by Université des Antilles (University of the French Antilles) in Guadeloupe to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages (majoring in Spanish and English). He left Saint Lucia in August 2021, thanks to a partial ELAN scholarship and funds previously acquired from working.

Sam made sure to showcase his talent while studying at the University. He performed Shayne Ross’ “Tjenbe” at a Talent Show as well as at a Creole Month Launch with a French youth movement. Additionally, Sam Eudovicque paid tribute to Botham Jean during Black History Month at the Campus. There, he dramatized a powerful poem entitled “War on Black Boys” by Mikale Nelson.

During a year of in-person and virtual classes for 15 courses, Covid-restrictions, early curfews, late nights, managing daily learning experiences through the use of three languages, political unrest and constant faith, Sam set a new academic record. He attained the highest average ever achieved in his program, in his year and throughout the entire University (both in Guadeloupe and Martinique): 17.42 out of 20.

Sam had previously applied for an international mobility program which would allow him to spend one semester abroad at the University of Warwick in the UK and the University of Las Palmas in Spain respectively during his second year. The jury, upon discovering his outstanding performance, decided that there was only one choice for him, that is, to be sent to the University of Cambridge, in the UK, for the entire year.

Sam Eudovicque received a congratulatory call for his nomination and, thereafter, acceptance to the University of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, in October of this year. He is the first student to have attained an academic score as well as the privilege to attend such a prestigious university.

This native English speaker, brilliant in his own artistic way, has vowed to continue making his family, friends, supporters and country proud, remaining true to his life quote: “You must ASPIRE to INSPIRE before you EXPIRE.” He reminds all that his successes were not without hardships and struggles, but that only with faith in God were they made possible.

Sam Eudovicque, even with a partial ERASMUS scholarship from his home University in Guadeloupe, is 9000 pounds short. In order to make his Cambridge year a reality, Sam Eudovicque is making a call to corporate sponsors and capable Saint Lucians in the diaspora to make a financial donation to his leetchi fund at:

Sam EUDOVICQUE Education Fund: Help us make his dream possible.


  1. Great job Sam!!!!
    Continue being the awesome role model that you are to youth out there.
    Keep being exceptional!!!

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