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No Increase in Selling Price of Bread Products

The Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs would like to inform the public that the creole loaf and sandwich loaf are Price Controlled and protected by the Distribution and Price of Goods Act Cap. 13.09; and Statutory Instrument # 67 of 2013.

As per Statutory Instrument # 67 of 2013, creole loaf is EC$0.12 per oz and sandwich loaf is EC $0.15 per oz; plus, EC$0.60 for slicing and packaging per sandwich loaf. There is no legislative authority to increase the price of these products.

Any violation of the provisions of the Distribution and Price of Goods Act Cap. 13.09, and SI # 67 of 2013, can lead to fines and or to imprisonment.

Additionally, the Government of Saint Lucia is currently subsiding the price of flour to approved bakers, on the condition that there is no increase in the selling price of bread products.

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  1. If this mandate is put forth with the teeth of sincerity, and no bobolism is hidden in the folds of its commercial transactions, then the Josephs directing St.Lucia commerce are worthy of the accolades of altruistic statesmen.

    In these times of rising prices of almost all commodities and the inequities of unemployment and poverty among the population it is incumbent on both government and business to actively alleviate all forms of deprivation that affect the well-being of all St. Lucians.

    May God bless St. Lucia with leaders with the fortitude to ease the people’s burden.

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