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More Staff Promised to Expedite Processing and Delivery of Passports

Minister for Home Affairs the Honourable Virginia Albert Poyotte paid an unscheduled visit to the Passport Office located on the city’s busy Bridge Street, on Thursday, 4th August, 2022 in efforts to remain apprised of the transition process.

Saint Lucia’s transition to the ePassport commenced on 25th July.2022 when the process went live. Since then, the Passport Office has been confronted with some internal challenges while the public has had to grapple with extended waiting periods and long lines.

Minister Albert-Poyotte noted that although some teething pains are unavoidable, management has assured that everything possible is being done to reduce the inconveniences suffered by the public while also ensuring staff is as comfortable as possible.

Assistant Superintendent Sean Alexander has assured the public that a new set of logistics are now in effect and will bear out to gradually reduce the extended wait times as regards the attainment of the new passports.

The Home Affairs Minister says the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers have been and shall continue to support the ePassport transition, starting with an injection of more staff to help expedite the processing and delivery of passports.

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