ESP Youth Choir Project

Entertainment Sound Productions (ESP) is an established Music and Entertainment Production Company located in Bisee’, Castries.

One of ESP’s Founders Ella Nurse is the brain child of this project.  Ella Nurse is a singer/songwriter with background as a music teacher, managing a school choir. She is very passionate about teaching children singing with animation to the music which makes it very interesting for them and assists in their learning abilities in the classroom.

Since her leave of teaching full time within the school system, she realized that teaching is her calling and now being outside the school system she needed to continue to engage youth in music.  Her previous experience which she found brought great results, was training them in the usage of their natural instrument, their voice.  So, whom better to engage, but the children in the community who were knocking at the doors of ESP interested in the music which was taking place on the inside.

One of the main motivational factors for such an initiative was ESP’s intention to contribute positively to the development of the community in which the studios are located.

The choir first started in early 2021 on a small scale and steadily progressed to presently having a total 15 students and growing. The choir consists of youths 5 to 14 years of age, who are resident in the area and its environs.  Therefore, it is very much a community after school project as the classes take place two days a week from 4:00 – to 5:00 pm.  The songs taught are of various genres of music from St. Lucia and other regional and international countries.

To expand the project, to include additional students and to perform to the public, with costumes and musical accompaniment, transportation etc., financial support is very much needed.  ESP is very appreciative of the French Embassy which has come to their aid by giving them a small grant, which will allow them to open their doors to additional students as of September 2022.

Entertainment Sound Productions  now introduces the ESP Youth Choir, which will be hosted by Ella Nurse a.k.a. Empress Illa artiste/singer/songwriter.

Free Registration starts immediately for male and female students ages 5 – 14 years old.  The classes are two days a week after school.

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