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Division of Human Services Holds Foster Care Placement Drive

In partnership with the Holy Family Children’s Home in Gros Islet, the Division of Human Services has conducted a much-needed Foster Care drive.

The event, which was held on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at the Rodney Bay Mall from 8:00am, became necessary because of the many children who languish in institutional care when sent to the Home. Their families of origin either can’t or are unwilling to take them back, for a variety of reasons.

Beverley-Ann Poyotte, director of the Division of Human Services, deplored the fact that many children have reached adulthood while living in foster care homes.

“Through research we know this is not the best environment in which to raise a child. Furthermore, we are compounded with the lack of placement homes,”  exclaimed Poyotte.

A child is placed in foster care because their current situation at home has become unsafe or untenable, as a result of insufficient supervision over the welfare of that child. Children can be considered unsafe due to neglect, maltreatment, exposure to domestic violence or lack of supervision by an adult.

According to Poyotte, “We have situations where we need emergency foster care placements in the North and South of the island and there is no one readily available to take in that child and therefore this poses problems. With this Foster Care Drive we hope to register, screen and process individuals, families and potential foster careers to alleviate the issues of locating proper family environments where they can thrive.”

Organizers of the Foster Care Drive hope to raise public awareness, increase advocacy, and find providers of Foster Care who are willing to participate.

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