Cassava Processing Plant Opens in Anse-Ger, Micoud

Ribbon cutting ceremony at Cassava Processing Plant in Anse-Ger, Micoud
Cassava Processing Plant Opens in Anse-Ger, Micoud

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre was on hand to cut the ribbon and officially open a new cassava processing plant in Anse-Ger Micoud.

Micoud’s new facility is poised to further diversify the local agro-processing industry and paves the way for St. Lucian manufactured cassavas by-products to enter the regional and international markets.

Pierre, during the ceremony, discussed the importance of Saint Lucians owning the cassava and instilling in the minds of young people the importance of eating healthier.

“Also adding to the fact that we can get the young people to change their taste and improve the nutritional value and help our youth,” said the Prime Minster at the grand opening ceremony.

Packaged Cassava flour from Processing Plant in Anse-Ger, Micoud

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Funds approved funding for the project. The cassava processing plant is being managed by the St. Lucia Civil Service Multipurpose Worker Cooperative Society Limited.

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