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Too careless to even care we’re as lost as Assou Square!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Each and every establishment, sees mainly about carrying-out their own agenda. As it relates to Uncle Sam or other lending countries, they continue to dictate just how you should structure your country, what and how you ought to progress — and your survival depends on their dictates.

At this moment it’s all about Taking the Jab, your need to acquire herd immunity, get all your population to submit to their advice and requests.

Failing to toe the line means that their continual help to your country can be in jeopardy. There is no other way to go, no alternative methods or directions you could take, the same establishment that tells you that it’s all about your immune system and being and living healthy, gives you no guide lines towards self-preservation.

Throughout the Christmas season all banks, cooperatives and other lending institutions kept putting out ads for lending money, but nobody cautions the public about lending or investing in these dreadful times, nobody says it’s a bad season for spending.

Nobody tells the people that buying-out supermarket goods that this is the wrong way to go, nobody tells Joe Public that Junk Food or Fast Food menus is not the way to go, no body encourages people to plant more of what we eat.

We behave like all is normal, we do not caution or give advice against spending all that we have on goods and services.  Nobody tells us how to be careful, how to avoid becoming a victim of circumstances; it’s like every business only cares about their own survival, not ours.

Some people are too blind to see the trends for themselves and some are hard of hearing and some are too carefree to care.

It’s a situation of the blind leading the blind, where we believe it will be alright in the morning that we will be back-to-normal soon, so there’s no need to worry or be careful, or hold-back on your aspirations until more normalcy has returned.

There are those who believe what is just had to be, and that we can do nothing to change what is. There are also those who refuse to change their lifestyles to deal with this new reality, meetings after meeting, all the directors and supervisors and leaders all seem to be singing from the same hymn book that it’s do or die or become a member of the new norm. So, for them, tomorrow belongs to those who are the new architects of this world, shaping it to suit their narratives, cutting populations to suit their agenda and all of us either comply or perish.

There are no modern-day leaders with a different vision or a different plan. It’s so sad we have so many puppets, so many prophets of doom carrying-out the System’s Dictates by and with the master planers and the New World Order elites and Controllers of our today and our tomorrow.

We are now a lost people, with no say in what goes on in the world where what we once knew is no more.

God’s creation for this Earth seems to be under threat, but it just so happens that we are too careless to care and we don’t care what happens here or there, once we can share from what others have to spare.

But behold, that will get us nowhere – and we’ll get as lost as Assou Square!

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