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The Year 2022 Will Be A Nail Biting Year!

“The very serious function of racism…is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being.” Toni Morrison

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The newsrooms of the world have been extremely busy these past few days, especially those in the United States of America. As President Biden marks his first anniversary in office, there are many disappointments in the way things have progressed in his first year as President. While there are some successes, he has fallen short of the mark especially when it comes to the issue of Voting Rights and the need to correct the injustices that are about to be released on minority groups, especially Black People.

In recent weeks, we saw the White House Officials side stepped the Build Back Better Bill in favour with the Voting Rights Bills with the hope of capturing the mood as the nation observed Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. However, because of the hard ball played by Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, Democratic Senators failed once again to get the Voting Rights Bills passed in the Senate. President Biden now plans to revert to presenting small portions of the Build Back Better Bill to Senators on both sides of the aisle with the hope of getting buy in from them. It is very clear that a number of things could have been done differently, and as a result, the Democratic Party is very likely to pay a price at the upcoming November polls. Looking at things from my vantage point, I can see that Republicans will do nothing to make Democrats look good at this time.

I must give my take on the disappointment felt by many like myself who cannot believe that after 57 years, we are still discussing and agitating for Voting Rights in America. So many lives were lost, so many people were beaten and still there are Senators seeking to rollback the progress made. We must not allow them to get away with this atrocity. It is cruel to even think of suppressing the vote in any democracy.

Senior officials and Ambassadors are being appointed and the work at the Foreign Policy level will begin to take shape. The Supreme Court granted access to President Trump’s files. The January 6th Commission has gotten a boost and the truth will now be told without the assistance of any witness. Let the show begin. You can run but you can’t hide.

Looking at international affairs, all eyes are on Ukraine where the Russians are lining up their troops on the borders, and President Putin seems to be calling the shots. Can the world afford a war at this time? President Biden did not help the situation with his gaffe at the recent press conference as he acknowledged disunity within NATO over how to respond to a minor incursion.

Staying with politics, it is Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who won the snap elections by a landslide winning once again all 30 seats. This feat confirms the statement – you attack your opponents when they are most vulnerable. I saw it coming, even though it is said that our people don’t know what they want. The Lady is a BOSS! Her timing was perfect. Congratulations to the Barbados Labour Party!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ranked Saint Lucia at Level 4 which is likely to be of concern to travellers. However, we have managed well in the past and it is hoped that we will apply even more rigidly, the protocols that are already in place. There are signs in some places like New York that Omicron is in decline. We are yet to see the same here but our death rate has been definitely reduced. Getting our children back to school is still getting some push back but in the end a decision should be taken in the best interest of all concerned.

As we continue to strive for a more equitable society, let us pray that our leaders will fear Yahweh and lead his people with compassion and inclusion.

Stay healthy, Stay safe.

Edward Harris
Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eaharrisdestiny
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