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The Levelling Off of the Epidemiological Curve

As of January 23, 2022 Saint Lucia has diagnosed 19,680 cases in the country, with 4,233 active cases presently. The daily infection rate for the last 7 days is 164.4 per 100,000 population per day which represents a 10% reduction from last week, with a 39% average testing positivity rate and a transmission rate of 3.1. 318 COVID-19 deaths were noted during the period.

Presently 53 positive cases admitted at the Respiratory Hospital, 1 case is critically ill and 5 are severely ill. Since the commencement of the 5 th wave on December 16, 2021, 6,551 cases have been diagnosed with an average of 172 cases per day. Women account for 59% of the COVID-19 cases.

22 COVID- 19 deaths have been recorded of which 59% are male. Tourists account for 2% of the cases diagnosed for the past 7 days. The prevalence increase is noted both in the northern and southern regions of the island.

This week although daily cases continue to be high, the seven-day average approximation suggests a leveling off pointing to the plateau in the epidemiological curve.

The island is seeing reductions in some of the public health indicators. “We have not received gene sequencing results from CARPHA as yet although we suspect the presence for the Omicron variant which is characterized for the high level of transmission and we still have the Delta Variant in circulation locally.”

The high number of COVID-19 cases daily noted at this point can increase hospitalizations, deaths and productivity in the workplace. We appeal to all organizations, public and private sector to ensure the strengthening of all public health protocols.

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