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PM Phillip J Pierre to Focus on Crime Fighting, Constitutional Reform

Crime-fighting will be another area of focus this year for Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre who promise to first tackle the effectiveness of crime detection and avoidance.

Pierre who made mention of this in his recent address to the nation said that this will require new technology, training, and infrastructure.  We will be building new facilities for the police in Castries and Gros Islet and providing law officers with additional vehicles and equipment.

“Monitoring and surveillance will be boosted through the use of modern technology. We will seek to boost police accountability and professionalism and improve their conditions of work. We will take concrete action to reduce the backlog of cases by the appointment of new judges in the criminal justice system,” Pierre said.

He said his administration will strengthen the laws against domestic abuse crimes, reinitiate plans for the creation of a new Hall of Justice Complex which will be separate and distinct from that of the Police Headquarters.

“However, we must also address the root causes of crime as well. Attention will be given to our system of social support, particularly our human and family support services,’ Pierre said.

The prime minister believes in the rule of law noting that the rule of law – how a country governs – sets the tone and tenor for the entire society.

“A corrupt government will beget a corrupt society. We must ensure that justice prevails for all citizens and that that there are consequences to wrongdoing. Corruption must not be tolerated by anyone including politicians and public officials,” Pierre said.

He said that constitutional reform will be placed back on the front burner and that his administration is working to bring about Saint Lucia’s accession to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

“We must not be afraid of our own potential to do great things and trust our institutions and systems,” Pierre said.

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