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MHMC Resumes Outpatient Clinics and Elective Surgery Services

Millennium Heights Medical Complex wishes to inform the public of the resumption of elective surgery and outpatient clinics from January 31, 2022, however, Outpatient pharmacy services will remain suspended at this time.

The Complex regrets the inconvenience caused as MHMC works to maintain vital services during the fifth wave of COVID-19 cases.

The following protocols are critical to keeping staff, visitors, and patients safe: accompanied resumption of services

Outpatient clinics (including NICU and Cuban Eye Clinic) will recommence strictly with appointment times for patients

Patients will not be allowed onto the compound more than 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. MHMC encourages persons to only arrive for their stipulated appointment time.

Only patients who require assistance will be allowed to be accompanied to clinic. A maximum of one support person per patient will be permitted.

Persons coming in for lab services will be required to sit in the patient waiting area outside and managed through the Outpatient Clinic by patient services executives.

A patient services coordinator will contact patients awaiting elective surgery to schedule appointments.

MHMC asks for your cooperation as the Complex tries to maintain quality of service while keeping our staff, patients and visitors safe during the ongoing fifth wave of COVID-19 cases. The management and staff of the MHMC appeal to the public to comply with the current COVID-19 protocols as the Complex.

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