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Haiti PM survives Weekend Assassination Attempt

According to officials, gunmen attempted to kill Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry during an event to mark the country’s independence anniversary on Saturday.

At the time, Mr Henry was participating in a ceremony at a church in the northern city of Gonaïves.

Video posted online showed the prime minister and his entourage scrambling toward their cars amid intense gunfire.

Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise last July, the security situation in Haiti has significantly deteriorated.

The government of Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced a crackdown on powerful gangs that are suspected of kidnapping and seizing control over gas distribution around the country, resulting in severe shortages of fuel.

According to the prime minister’s office “bandits and terrorists” were behind the assassination attempt, and that arrest warrants had been issued for the suspects.

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  1. This is red alert for these Islands, notwithstanding St. Lucia. There is a Global Health crisis which is so far unsolvable, along with that, an acute job shortage; sadly, this is the one to focus on and none can yet see the end of that dark Tunnel.
    St. Lucia in particular is in deep trouble, the reality of such has not yet dawned on the ones whose job it is to either create or find the means to provide that which is required for mass employment, hopefully to eliminate criminal activity between gang elements on the Island.
    The formula to do so must start with a bit of introspective, look no farther than your inner circle, the ones adept in the ‘Art of the Coup d’etat’ there is nothing to hide in St. Lucia, we all know what happened how and why.
    I have nothing to gain by sharing this with you my Dear Mr, P.M but as a Son of the soil, senior to you, I am fearful for the future of this Island, but keep cool, as the kids say, don’t stress your self there are more with you than those with the two of them. You have the power but you will be judged depending on how you deal with the situation facing you; one word of advise, avoid being defiled with the detestable elements around you. We pray for your safety – and that for St. Lucia – God’s Blessings,

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