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Frederick attempts to lower the temperature over Rovergate

By James Edwin

It was interesting listening to the view of Richard Frederick in connection with the Rovergate affair. We were astonished, but on second thought what more did we expect from the individual.  The three thousand five hundred pounds sterling was not the only issue, it was the premeditation of the entire affair as there appeared to be a concerted effort by the party involved based on the laws of the land (the UK).  What the Leader of the Opposition is highlighting is the fact that if the behaviour took place at that monetary level, what are the possibilities, if an individual became directly responsible for millions of dollars of state funds within the CIP?  This is the point Richard Frederick either advertently or inadvertently did not take into consideration, but which St Lucians should consider. 

Instead, Frederick embarked on his usual crusade by attempting to sully the reputation of the former PM without a shred of evidence.  Something he displayed for four years.  It is somewhat interesting to note that the former PM entered the political arena long after Frederick and became Prime Minister of St Lucia way before Frederick.  What does that say about the two individuals?  Today Frederick had to ride on the coattails of the SLP to win a seat and earn a ministry which is entirely controlled by the SLP hierarchy.

Frederick knows full well that at the stroke of a pen his ministerial position could be withdrawn and he would be back at his starting point.   This is what has his blood pressure so elevated 24/7.  His nemesis, the former PM today remains Leader of the Opposition, a position he would love to endure but the man above has his way of looking after his people and so the desperate ones remain compromised by his wishes.

St Lucia is going through a period of introspection and there is a reason for this process.  The hatred, lies and fabrication created by certain elements will sooner rather than later be unveiled and the naked truth will take precedence over what currently exists.  St Lucia is under the microscope of the international community and the wrongdoings by those in authority will seldom go unnoticed.

Richard Nixon thought he was above the law but the wheels of justice did prevail.  No amount of persons in high office coming forward to deflect reality will succeed as the ordinary man has fully understood what prevailed.  This Rovergate affair will not disappear and the people’s parliament will demand accountability.  Grynburg, Juffali, Rochemel and the Helenites premises in New York which transpired fifteen years ago remains a stain on the personalities involved which precipitated the loss of the 2016 general elections.  Rovergate and Juffali remain the hot issues that have not yet reached boiling point but will in due course.

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  1. This Rovergate story is not going to go away, as long as certain elements of the SLP Government is in power and there are three top Ministers running the show. The question is, can the SLP trust having the stench of two of its top Brass under the scrutiny of the International Body without paying a terrible price Economically, in investment, in Diplomatic affairs, Trade etc. only time will tell and time is not on our side. St. Lucia needs help now; the unemployment is biting hard on all sides and it is to a great extent the cause of the crime rate on the Island. Can we afford to have Hileare to represent St.Lucia on the World stage, is Fredrick ever free to travel abroad on a mission? wouldn’t it be better to unload this man now and invite Kenney Antoine to fill the voide? this is the question that many of my friends are asking. I say to them, with the Almighty, all things are possible.

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