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Citizens for Accountability & Transparency Renews Calls for Answers from Comptroller of Customs

PRESS RELEASE — The recently formed pressure group, Citizens for Accountability and Transparency (CAT) is renewing calls for Acting Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Sherman Emmanuel to account to St Lucian Tax Payers on the rationale behind his unprecedented actions to drop all charges against Government Minister, Hon. Earnest Hilaire in the widely publicized  Rovergate scandal.

The group launched a letter-writing campaign in December last year in which St. Lucians were encouraged to submit letters to the Acting Comptroller expressing their concerns.  Citizens for Accountability and Transparency is aware that an undetermined number of St. Lucian nationals have responded to that call.

We note the comprehensive Press Release from the former Comptroller of Customs and the very pointed and damning questions posed to the Ag. Comptroller Mr. Sherman Emmanuel as well as Attorney General Leslie Mondesir and Director of Public Prosecutions.  The extensive ten-page Press Release provides further evidence why the Rovergate saga must be kept alive and brought to full justice.

The group is now moving to redouble it’s efforts in registering the concerns of Tax Payers and demanding accountability from Ag. Comptroller of Customs Sherman Emmanuel regarding his decision to withdraw all charges in the ongoing Rovergate saga.

As part of the intensification of its efforts CAT has produced a short video that seeks to capture the concerns of many St Lucians.  This video will be used as part of our ongoing mobilisation campaign.

We are confident that St. Lucians home and abroad will flood the office of the Comptroller of Customs with a deluge of letters that will register forcefully the concerns of Tax Payers over the Rovergate scandal.

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  1. Chastanet sounds like a battered child yearning for approval and acceptance. Most of us seek to feel a part of our community, our family, and our community. This fosters solidarity and interdependence, and overall strengthen our social bonds.
    The desperate need for acceptance and approval, however, can be so overwhelming that we surrender ourselves to the group (CAT) in exchange for the validation it offers. The group embrace is very reassuring – especially after being humiliated at the recent polls – and abolishes the need for introspection that take time and effort particularly for a lazy, defeated former prime minister.
    The need for approval, acceptance, and validation further explains Chastanet’s desperation, cynicism, gullibility, and feckless effort to be prime minister again. He will invent, create, manufacture, or concoct any bogus narrative to be accepted by the people of St. Lucia.

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