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“The System Works” Minister of Tourism Gets his Ride Back

“The system has worked.” These were the words of a very satisfied Prime Minister who heaped praise on and affirmed his faith in the justice system as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire breathed a sigh of relief as the case between him and the Government of Saint Lucia for the seizure of his Range Rover Sport has reached a verdict.

On the morning of Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, Minister Ernest Hilaire informed reporters gathered outside of the Court house that mediation in the matter had begun long before the election campaign, however, it had to have been put on hold due to his obligations as a M.P.

“The mediation process resolved the matter and we came to court today to inform the court and basically the Comptroller of Customs withdrew the charges and having withdrawn the charges agreed that my vehicle should be returned to me and be released by tomorrow,” he disclosed.

Then Customs Comptroller Mr. Peter Chiquot, according to the Minister can expect a lawsuit in his personal capacity for malfeasance in public office and damages. “I think it has to go ahead,” he said. “He cannot sail into the sunset as if nothing happened”.

The Minister continues to insist that he did nothing wrong and the seizure of his vehicle was possibly as the result of bruised political egos. “They really took their action because I dared them to take the vehicle and I waved my keys at them,” Minister Hilaire revealed.

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