SLTA Annual Christmas Tennis Classic

Jaelyn Henry and Iyana Paul defeated sisters Amara and Amir Jn Marie 6 – 2, 6 – 2 in the Girls Under 15 Doubles final to claim a gold medal at the Saint Lucia Tennis Association (SLTA) 2021 Christmas Tennis Classic (CTC), just before heavy rain and strong winds brought an early close to Day 2 of the championship being played at the National Tennis Centre in Beausejour, Gros Islet.

Also taking gold on Day 2 was the pair of Sanjay Lake and Denney Estava in the boys Under 11 Doubles; they defeated brothers Armani and Aiden Rosemond 4-2, 4-0.

(L-R) Jaelyn Henry, Kahenya Mukora, Amara Jn Marie, and Iyana Paul. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Jaelyn Henry, Kahenya Mukora, Amara Jn Marie, and Iyana Paul. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

The CTC four-day championship came to a close yesterday with the following matches: Girls Orange Ball final, Aminah Justin versus Nefertari Goddard; Girls Green Ball Continue – Kahenya Mukora vs Imara – Marie Fadlien; Men’s QF 1 -Aaron Gerald vs Joey Angeloni; Men’s QF 2 – Ricardo Francois.

Boys Green Ball  3rd and 4th place – Azari Francois vs Aiden Rosemond; Boys Under 15 finals – Jonas Sylvester vs Mc Carvy Cyril Girls Under 15 3rd and 4th place -Jaelyn Henry vs Amara Jn Marie.

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Girls Green Ball – Kurlissa Charles vs KahenyaMukora; Girls Under 15 finals – Iyana Paul vs Latoya Murray; Boys Under 15 3rd and 4th place – Anslem Mathurin vs Alhil Cyril.

Boys Green Ball finals – Sanjay Lake vs Denney Estava; Men’s SF – Winner of Ricardo Francois / Arden Rosemond took on Randolph Rosemond and the winner of Joey Angeloni / Aaron Gerald played Petterson George in the finals.

Results of the final day’s play will be in the weekend edition of THE VOICE.

(L-R) Amia Jn Marie, Denney Estava, Sanjay Lake and Arden Rosemond. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Amia Jn Marie, Denney Estava, Sanjay Lake and Arden Rosemond. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Meanwhile, in other matches played on Sunday 19th, Boys U15, Alhil Cyril defeated Anselm Mathurin 4-0, 4-0; Jonas Sylvester won over Mc Carvy Cyril 5-3, 4-2; Alhil Cyril made light work over Xhan Riviere 4-0, 4-0, Anselm Mathurin rebounded from his earlier defeat at the hands of Alhil Cyril to defeat Soren Claimonte 4-2, 4-1.

Girls Under 15, Latoya Murray defeated Jaelyn Henry 4-2, 4-2; Amara Jn Marie won in straight sets over Renee Morgan 4-0, 4-0, Iyana Paul handed Renee Morgan her second straight defeat winning 4-0, 4-0; Jaelyn Henry defeated Amir Jn Marie 4-0, 4-2.

Girls Green Ball Under 11, Samuella Bertrand defeated Merkisha Justin in a tie breaker (10), the set scores 2-4 and 4-0.

Girls Green Ball Doubles, Kurlissa Charles and Imara-Marie Fadlien had a tough outing on Court No.4 against Merkisha Justin and KahenyaMukora with both sets going to a tie breaker, set scores 4-4 (tie breaker 3-7), 4-0 (tie breaker 4-10).

Boys Green Ball, Denney Estava in a hard-fought match drawing with Aiden Rosemond 4-0, 4-4. He went on to win the tie breaker 7-1. Sanjay Lake breezed  past Azari Francois 4-0, 4-1.

Boys Orange Ball, Kimari Felix defeated Daniel Collymore 6-0. Felix continued his winning ways defeating Jelani Flermius by a similar margin.

Men’s Open, Aaron Gerald defeated Mirajkhar Tushar 6-0, 6-2; Arden Rosemond won over Thaddeus Emile 6-1, 6-1; Peterson George made light work of Ajani Scott 6-1,6-1; Randolph Rosemond defeated Ricardo Francois 6-0, 6-4; Joey Angeloni who lost his first-round match on the opening day (Saturday) to Arron Gerald bounced back to defeat Mirajkhar Tushar in straight sets 6-0,6-0.

The encounter between Thaddeus Emile and Petterson George was rained out with George leading 4-0 in the first set.

(L-R) Aaron Gerald, Joey Angeloni, Randolph Rosemond and Petterson George. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Aaron Gerald, Joey Angeloni, Randolph Rosemond and Petterson George. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

On the opening day, in what can best be described as a major upset in the Men’s Open  played under very windy conditions, Aaron Gerald who was the losing finalist in the Vernon Lewis VL Bash earlier this year defeated No.1 seed Joey Angeloni 7-6, 4-6, 6-3 in a match that lasted 4 hours 10 minutes on Court No.1.

Arden Rosemond was defeated by Petterson George 6-2, 4-6, 6-3; Ajaunie Scott defeated Thaddeus Emile 6-4, 6-4; Ricardo Francois defeated Gregory Cooper in a tie breaker (7-5), set scores 4-6, 6-4.

Boys Under 15, Jonas Sylvester won in straight sets over Jaidyn Matthew 4-2, 4-0; Xhan Riviere defeated Soren Claimonte 4-1, 4-1; Alhil Cyril handed Soren Claimonte his second defeat on the day to win 4-0, 4-0; Anslem Mathurin  won over Xhan Riviere with the match going into two tie breakers ( 7-2/ 6-10) set scores 2-4, 4-4; Mc Carvy Cyril defeated Jaidyn Matthew 4-0, 4-1.

Girls Green Ball Under 11, MahenyaMukora defeated Samuella Bertrand in a tie breaker (7-10) set scores 4-0, 1-4); in her second game of the day she also defeated  Merkisha Justin 4-0, 4-1; Kurlissa Charles defeated Imara – Marie Fadlien in a tie breaker (7-4) set scores 4-4, 4-0.

Boys Green Ball Under 11, Sanjay Lake defeated Aiden Rosemond 4-0, 4-1; Denney Estava defeated Azari Francois 4-0, 4-0.

Boys Orange Ball, Daniel Collymore defeated Armani Rosemond 6-4, 6-4

Playing in the Girls Under 15 age group, 12-year-old Jaelyn Henry started her campaign with a (tie breaker 10-6) win over Amelia Rosemond, set sores 2-4, 4-2.

Girls Under 15, Iyana Paul took charge of her first match against Amara Jn Marie winning 4-1, 4-1; while it was a ding dong battle between Amelia Rosemond and Amia Jn Marie as both sets went to a tie breaker with Jn Marie winning (7-2 / 10-5), sets scores 4-4, 4-1.

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