SLNCA ELECTION RESULTS — Henry and Charles Tied After Two Rounds of Voting

After two rounds of voting for the presidency of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association (SLNCA), the results remained the same; eight votes each to candidates Julian Charles (challenger) and Carol Henry (incumbent).

This historical feat took place at the Association’s annual general meeting at the Micoud Multi – Purpose Centre (MMPC). All 16 affiliates of the SLNCA were in attendance.

(l-r) Carol Henry, Julian Charles, Dave Albert and John Estephane (Photo: Anthony De Beauville/DA)
(l-r) Carol Henry, Julian Charles, Dave Albert and John Estephane (Photo: Anthony De Beauville/DA)

In the campaign leading to the election, Henry stood by his organization’s achievements amidst the Covid-19 pandemic since taking over the reigns from former national cricketer Julian Charles in 2019. Charles on the other hand spared no efforts and challenged Henry for not keeping to his many promises made to the affiliates when he was elected into office.

Dave Albert (8) defeated Shaun Alcindor (5) and Neville Florence (3) for the First Vice President position. Denley Anthony (9) defeated Simon Jules (7) for Second Vice President while Roseline Preville returned unopposed as Third Vice President.

For the post of Principal Secretary, the incumbent John Estephane won with a 2 vote margin over Kevin Arnold (9-7). Esther Theophane muscled her way through to defeat the incumbent Cayan Daniel and Neville Florence for the post of Secretary, while Celestin Laurent held on to the post of Treasurer unopposed.

The VOICE spoke to Henry about the latest situation and the way forward to settle the score line and much more. This is what he had to say:

“In terms of the constitution there is no provision with regards to  a tie The presiding officer, the Director for Youth Development and Sports, Patrick Mathurin, decided that we do a second round of voting after the first tie (8/8). The second voting results ended up (8/8) bringing the matter forward to Saturday 11th December 2021. In the meantime he will consult with the electoral commission and the District Attorney’s Office.”

The affiliates have made up their minds after two rounds of voting, the question: Will Henry and Charles work together for the next two years? “That will be an ideal, but for what I have seen with my experience in the past two years, it will have to take some cooperation and support, joint vision, having the same goals and having cricket as the beneficiary / priority and not individuals.”

Henry believes that a provision that speaks to a tie in local cricket elections should be in the Association’s constitution.

“The constitution requires an overhaul. There are a number of anomalies in there, quite a few areas where clarification is required. When I review it comprehensively, I made notes of them, so its time to undergo some constitutional review and reform and ensure things are pretty clear,” Henry said.

He added, “I don’t see the reason why there should be an Immediate Past president on the SLNCA executive. What you find is that the person you just defeated at the polls comes back on the executive, it sought of leaves room for animosity. That person can take a very unsupportive role, stands or attitude and you as president trying to achieve certain goals or pursue certain objectives, but because of bitterness that person may not necessarily want to work along with you / or support you.”

Carol added, “In terms of the Immediate Past President, I was told it’s for continuity purposes. You don’t have to be on the executive for that to happen, if the outgoing president needs to be contacted then you contact him and any information you need, you do a take over and handle it from there.”

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