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Man arrested after flying from Barbados to Miami with loaded gun

Barbados officials are currently investigating how a man, Cameron Hinds, reportedly managed to board a commercial flight from the island to Miami with a loaded gun in his possession.

Transportation Security Administration agents in Florida discovered that the suspect was carrying a firearm loaded with five .32-calibre bullets after his carry-on was scanned at the American airport.

Police arrested and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon, a crime punishable in Florida by up to five years in prison and a US$5,000 fine.

Hinds has reportedly pleaded not guilty and will appear in court again in mid-December, according to news reports.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley expressed concern about the incident indicating that “the consequences for the country are grave and great.”  “I have urgently requested a report which I expect to receive very very soon. But as I said before, somebody – or bodies – will be held accountable,” she added.

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