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Fire Claims Two Small Businesses in Castries

Attempts to save two small businesses in Castries proved futile in the wake of an early morning fire. Fire service officials confirmed receiving the distress call at approximately 1:55 a.m. about a fire on Victoria Street, Castries.

According to Acting Assitant Divisional Officer Anwar Deterville, on arrival, Firefighters from Headquarters encountered a small wooden structure fully engulfed in flames and fire spreading to a nearby structure.

Although the crew was able to prevent the fire from damaging other structures in the vicinity, one vending structure was completely destroyed and another badly damaged.

The area, a well-known spot for small restaurants and bars was home to some of the best barbecue chicken in the city.

A thorough investigation into the fire was promised by authorities.

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  1. How is it possible for the City to allow unregulated huts to sprout overnight in a tightly dense part of the City, in violation to many regulations regarding the construction and protection of structures. The Sanitary, Water provision and run-off, Fire-protection, Alarm system, the Spatial-distance between other buildings or structures.
    Why do the City Mayor and Councilmen, and Resident Member of Parliament, sit back and allow the City of Castries look like a Middle East Bazaar where anything goes. I empathize with the poorer members in our society, who must make a decent living, but should be done in a structured manner so as to avoid circumstances of a complete break down of healthy living in a City.

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