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Covid, Climate, Crime – Areas of Concern for 2022 and Beyond

By James Edwin

These worrisome areas have the ability to bring the world to its knees. This is no imagination, this is reality.  Unfortunately, the world has no real answers at this time as all these areas presently exist.  The onus now is on individual governments to figure out the best route to follow in light of this mysterious situation.  Covid has presented a serious challenge as the scientists are yet to fully comprehend it, therefore, as a result, countries have been forced to print billions in paper money to assist the underprivileged and by extension various businesses from floundering.  Any prolonged challenges in finding an answer to the virus will further aggravate the situation and complicate a very sensitive situation. 

Climate change is another matter which has not been adequately addressed and remains the main contributing factor to this dilemma.  We know for a fact time is not on our side based on the disastrous experiences worldwide where tornados, extensive fires, unusual rain showers, high winds, increased water levels, etc., have all contributed to the weakening of economies worldwide.  Covid and climate together are today responsible for food shortages, backlog in the transportation of goods and services thereby causing extensive price increases based on supply and demand.

With the fourth/fifth wave of the Omicron virus, first world countries are now at their wits end, reluctant to print more paper money as inflation rears its ugly head. Several countries are already predicting a thirty percent increase in inflation during 2022.  This transformation now places severe pressure on the working man unless salary increases come into play.  Oil prices which remain a significant aspect of our daily lives have skyrocketed based on world conditions. Finally, we must now address the crime factor which has increased worldwide as a result of prevailing conditions.

We know that 30 million Americans have already withdrawn their services from the system and billions of dollars were made available to thousands who could not provide their services. We know that that situation could not have continued, so we ask where is the world heading today within that context.  We are aware that government revenues are down and expenses have increased significantly, so mathematically do we now call upon the Einstein’s of the world to come up with a salvage plan?

Do we now throw up our arms and hope that miraculously some angel will emerge?  In the meantime, what have we witnessed?  Crime at all levels is flourishing and Afghanistan today, one of the world’s leading providers in opium and other related substances has now gone into full gear as the US withdrew its subsidies.  The current Taliban administration have simultaneously closed their eyes to the vast production for survival and closer to home, we are aware of what transpires in Columbia.  This trade then finances the production and demand for guns to control the trafficking of the substance and in the process, places undue pressure on all administrations to address this scourge.  We could go on and on today but enough said to St Lucia and its neighbouring territories but to place on their thinking caps as to the best way forward.

On a parting note, we have listened to numerous persons and administrations demanding that we make every effort to feed ourselves but these concerns remain nothing more than hot air.  Today in Jamaica the government initiated a program which permits the island to take the first step in meeting these concerns and we now take the opportunity to highlight to the nation what has transpired by hydroponically addressing ten acres of land and within ten months, the first harvest produced the equivalent of two hundred acres of cultivated land.    The former government undertook the expropriation of Marquis Estate for the purpose of enhancing our food supply and we appeal to the current government that the concept in Jamaica be adopted here as soon as possible.

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