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Appointment of Special Prosecutor to Investigate Previous Admin. Still On

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre Monday noted that investigations into certain actions performed under the last administration is still on. He said that investigations will examine the conduct of public servants linked to various transactions under the previous administration.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre
Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre

Pierre and members of his party when they were in opposition had accused the previous administration of corruption and maleficence promising to investigate the operations of the government should his party wins the last general elections.

Pierre and his Saint Lucia labour Party won handsomely over the United Workers Party by capturing 13 of the 17 parliamentary seats at the July polls announcing soon after taking office that he would appoint a special prosecutor to see the investigation through.

Pierre also noted that, unlike the previous administration, individuals appointed to certain positions by the previous administration will continue in their employment under the terms and agreements of their contracts.

“The taxpayers of Lucia are liable for millions of dollars for bad actions by the last Government; we are not going to fall in that trap,” Pierre declared.

“We have not sent home one Ambassador because the taxpayers of the country, up to today, are paying for the last Government firing ambassadors…We are not going to do so; we going to be mature, go through the process and do the necessary investigations, we will be doing things systematically. We’re going to be looking at the evidence,” the Prime Minister said.

“When the time comes, rest assured anybody who has stolen the government’s money at whatever level it is, they will come to justice,” Pierre said.

The previous administration, under its leader Chastanet, had vehemently denied claims of corruption made against them.

The appointment of this special investigator is expected to be completed soon.

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