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Trade Unions Defer Payment of Negotiated Pay Increases

The St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) and other affiliates of the St. Lucia Trade Union Federation agreed to defer payment of negotiated pay increases due for fiscal years: 20/21 and 21/22, on the basis that the COVID-19 pandemic had seriously impacted Government revenues.

According to the CSA this decision was taken in good faith and on the understanding that government would exercise prudence in its expenditure.

“The CSA believes that government should lead by example and so we were of the firm view that in managing the resources of the State, the government would have been extremely careful in its expenditure patterns given the sacrifices of workers in general. We are indeed unhappy to hear of the many irregularities in spending amongst them being the procurement of vaccinations by the State,” noted the CSA in a statement.

The CSA urges the government to exercise due diligence in the management of the affairs of the State and to ensure that monies owed to the State through irregular practices, should be properly accounted for and recovered, as these monies can go a long way in providing much needed assistance to workers in the State.

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