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This is a Time to Use our Not-So-Common Sense!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

There is nothing wrong about being optimistic about the future, but it is important to understand the now. Since this worldwide pandemic started in 2020, we are forced to adjust our lifestyle or perish under this new reality. So, this is not a good time to do things like the past.

This is not a good time either, to invest in expensive homes, or buy exclusive cars, or consider having the usual holidays to North America, Europe, or the Middle East.

Rather than buying, it is a time for planting, becoming more self-sufficient, paying attention to what you intend to invest in.

I say all this to alert you not to live with false hopes, because at least for the next two to five years things will be grim. The cost of most commodities and services will go sky high, and if you are not careful, you will be the ones sustaining the system, because of the amount of debt that you would have acquired.

What was possible or easy yesterday is not practical today, and although there is nothing wrong with dreaming, or aspiring, or hoping for a better tomorrow, you have to come to understand the present and the consequences. You do not need to bite on more than you can chew.

It may be prudent to even sell some of your unwanted assets, such as the two unused parked cars in your drive way, or the un-used land that you have just to say I own this and that.

We all hope that things will go back to normal, but for whatever reason, we have been forced to reconsider how we live at this point in our lives. The commercial sector will not discourage you to pursue your dreams or aspirations, because they stand to benefit off you, but you too must grow smart and know how to beat the system.

If there was ever a time to use your brains it is now. Every bit of space that you have, be it outside your home, or your balcony, or even inside your home if needs be, you need to plant some sort of edible food. Rather than eat out at restaurants and fast-food joints, start considering cooking your own.

Liming can become a costly adventure and driving for style and leisure is a needless cost. Saving should become a new consideration. In other words, watch how you spend your pennies. If you have not been told, or warned, I offer you my humble advice, I am not the Prophet of Doom, or the Carrier of Bad News, but I see myself as a realist. So, for your own good and survival, I hope that you pick sense from my pronouncement.

I will never stop reminding you that it is better to be safe than sorry and to remember that precaution is better than cure. It is the fools that fall prey to the system, it is always the poor that will suffer most, and it is those who do not take heed that will become the greatest victims of this crisis.

Remember to make hay while the sun shines, because, like it or not, realize it or not, Common Sense is the only way out, but it’s not so common, so do try to be among those who use our common sense the right way.

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