NWU/Secure St. Lucia Conciliation Session Slated for Next Week

Labour Commissioner Ms. Cornelia Jn. Baptiste has informed the National Workers Union (NWU) that in keeping with its request for conciliatory intervention in the matter between Secure St. Lucia and the National Workers Union, every effort is being made by the Department of Labour to convene that meeting early next week.

The NWU’s request is based on a decision by Secure St. Lucia that the NWU says smells like victimization and redundancy of five employees.

The NWU indicated that there was no consultation on this latest action by the company as per the requirements of the industrial agreement between Secure St. Lucia and the National Workers Union.

The NWU says it cannot accept that the Ministries of Economic Development and Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs indirectly contributed to the company’s decision.

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