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New COVID-19 Measures

Government, Thursday, announced a new set of protocols which will go into effect today and is expected to end on Monday November 1. The new COVID-19 protocols are as follows:

1. Confinement to Residence on weekends will be in effect Mondays to Fridays from 7pm and ends at 4am; Saturdays confinement starts at 7pm and ends on Mondays at 4am. This means that there will be a 24-hour confinement on Sundays.

2. A person may attend a religious ceremony on Sundays during confinement but must return to his or her residence by 1pm on that day.

3. A person shall not host or attend a mass crowd event, social event except with 10 or less persons of his or her immediate family or household.

4. Religious Ceremonies are allowed based on the square footage of the organization in keeping with approved COVID-19 response plan. Special Religious rites including weddings, baptisms and funerals are permitted with 50 or less persons.

5. Suspension of the sale and disposal of intoxicating liquor at bars, rum shops and grab and go restaurants.

6. Sale and disposal of intoxicating liquor from a supermarket, gas station or wholesaler and approved dine in service restaurants with a valid liquor license will be permitted.

7. Dine-in services at approved restaurants and food establishments only. Take away (grab and go) and delivery services will be permitted at other establishments.

8. Recreational/social activities at hotels will be permitted on property during curfew hours, provided that such activities take place on property. Water sports and other water related activities such as boat rides, skiing etc. must be suspended during the 24 hour weekend curfew (from Saturday 7:00 pm to Monday 4:00 am).

9. An educational institution may open for face to face engagement to facilitate structured supervision from October 18, 2021 for Grade K, Grade 6, Form 4, Form 5 and Special Education Schools. The Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training will communicate the confirmed dates to the public. All other classes shall continue to use distributed learning.

During this period, the Government of Saint Lucia will meet with stakeholders and the newly reconstituted COVID-19 Management Center to review the COVID-19 situation and provide a further update on the protocols. Let us all continue adhering to the protocols to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus and return to some level of normalcy.

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