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Love me now, or forever hold your peace!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

It’s so ironic how many people send condolences wishing the departed to rest in peace and find favor in the Lords kingdom, but only thought of doing so after the person has passed-away.

Mind you, while the dead ones were alive, few found the time to visit them, or even give them a phone call, or send a WhatsApp message, or invite them to a social gathering.

I always get the impression that it is like you are only remembered after you have passed, when and only when you hear such comments like “So sad to hear” or He or She “Did so much…” and “was my good friend”, and “We were school mates”, or “We worked together for so long” and they just go on-and-on…

But it was not too long ago, the dead person was alive, but did any of those now crying whatever type of tears remember to pass and give them a bottle of wine or a few mangoes that you bought or picked from your tree?

When last did you inquire about their health before they kicked the proverbial bucket, even to find out if they were coping with their bills, when last you inquired if they had food or needed a hand or some sort of support?

It seems that friendship is superficial these days and since the pandemic, even-more so.

No more hugs and kisses, no more greetings, no more getting-together, no contact- (apart from the occasional Facebook message…)

It’s so sad that true love has disappeared. There are so many people in real need of true love and sometimes you come to realize, only too late, that those you have discarded or left, your love, like the things you left to gather dust in your garage, could still have been helpful to them. Sometimes the clothes you have stopped wearing, or the phone you don’t use anymore because you have upgraded, will be fully-appreciated by some of those people you call friends but never have time to think of or check on until you hear the Death Announcement.

But the divide, the seeing-about-self, the loss of compassion or the general love for mankind has dulled your vision. Those who have been good to you, or helped you along the way, played a part in your upbringing, or your career, but tragically and regrettably, all of these moments seem to have disappeared because today it’s all only about “me” and not “us”.

We go to church, we profess to be Christians, we pretend to be loving, but we don’t show it. The older we get the more lonesome we become, the fewer friends we have and the less people care about you. The system marginalized you, the neighborhood seldom checks on you, family (especially those abroad) forget you and even those around you too, until they hear of your passing and then the condolences start pouring in.

We were not like that. We grew up loving and caring for each other, watching each other’s back. But something has happened to all generations today and we have all forgotten what true love is.

Well, my friends, if you were or still my friend, please show the love now, because tomorrow may be too late.

We frequently hear about neighborhood watch, but are we really watching out for each other? Do we all pay attention to each other’s needs? Do we really care about each other, or are we all caught-up in the Rat Race?

Times these days are getting shorter, so, my friends please wake-up and smell the coffee, because we all seem to be getting further apart, even though we continue to preach love and appreciation when it’s just too late to mean anything to the person.

Like I said, Love me now, or forever hold your peace…

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