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The Blame Game Comes Home To Roost

By James Edwin

The elections have come and gone and so has the former Prime Minister, but COVID is here to stay (like it or not).  The same voices demanding that Allen must go have now had second thoughts asking tor Allen’s return.  Such is life, but we must all move on and that applies to the current government and the former Prime Minister.

As expressed earlier, COVID is here to stay and we can safely say that the current administration has earned a failing grade resulting in over five thousand cases and some seventy-five deaths within seven weeks and as of today, September 22nd – the day of writing this article, one hundred and three new cases have been reported with eighteen deaths, eleven critically ill and two thousand one hundred and eighty two active cases.

Had the former administration presided over these disastrous statistics, the former Prime Minister may have been executed but the voices in the wilderness that had all the answers are today burring their heads in shame.  So shameful has been the SLP candidate in Micoud South who had the gumption to announce that the current Member of Parliament for Micoud South only used the constituency as a steppingstone to leadership.  Has Mr. Ferdinand been asleep for the past five years when all major infrastructural works and community upliftment took place?  Mr. Ferdinand should realize that despite his residence in the constituency he has lost two elections in succession.  What does that reveal?

We reiterate once more that the SLP won the 1997 elections with a margin of 16 – 1 and after a second term, they were out of office.  The renegades who entered the SLP from the back door have displayed their colours but so has the current Prime Minister and his deputy displayed theirs.  On the other hand, a shrewd Kenny Anthony took no part in that despicable shenanigan which will eventually unfold leaving both the king makers and their counterparts to unravel the consequences of their judgment.  This is the marked difference between Dr. Anthony and Philip Pierre.

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