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Everybody has become a genius overnight

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

I do not wish to determine who is bright or dumb, nor pass judgement, but I find it amazing that almost everybody is an authority these days. Any subject that needs clarification or explanations these days, the password is “Google it.”

It seems that all who have access to the network, only have to go online, and the answers they seek is readily available. So, we have hundreds and thousands of learned persons in our midst these days and that makes everyone a genius.

Despite the terms used, or the level of comprehension, everybody seems to know everything about all subjects. So, all of a sudden, we have every other person giving an opinion and giving advice on every matter, on all subjects and everybody knows how this, or that should be done.

Criticism is everywhere, just like being a witch doctor: your telephone, tablet, or computer has all the answers and that information is at our finger tips and you don’t have to be familiar with the subject to give your views, because it is right there. So now that we are all knowledgeable, we feel there’s no need to debate or seek clarification because we all know-it-all.

The word science has become another buzz word: we all know the sciences, we can determine for ourselves what is fake or genuine, and we do not need teachers or learned persons anymore. Your next-door neighbour is just a call away and information is at your fingertips and the whole world is your teacher — thank God for Technology.

So, overnight we have all been transformed into world-class students and that makes me wonder what we cannot do, if it is still necessary to go to school, if school has all of a sudden become a waste of time, so I suppose that soon we will not need bosses, nor supervisors. I am therefore almost convinced that we should do away with all kinds of leaders, considering this new trend and new-found knowledge base.

Good luck to the masses, I say, and as we become brighter and wiser, I trust that all our troubles, and concerns, will be solved overnight.

Now please don’t take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with research or finding out for yourselves, it is just that I am worried about comprehending your findings. Some things in my mind take a lifetime to learn, but it seems that overnight these days geniuses are born. It’s the age of we all know, so there is no need for further explanation or clarification or education.

Wow! What a time that we live in. Look what life has become. I would have never thought, in my life time, that we all would become so revolutionized, so independent — and so assertive.


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