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Be a Realist Not a Fortune Teller

By James Edwin

The Prime Minister in his last interview with his Press Secretary indicated that he is not a fortune teller and therefore could not predict which direction the COVID pandemic is heading.  This statement was indeed very childish and disappointing for a leader.  The PM is there to offer guidance, but his first blunder was replacing a meaningful piece of legislation which has permitted individuals to do as they so desire in the midst of the Delta Variant. 

This statement, in our view, hovers more around lunacy than guidance, as it does not take a genius to understand that in the midst of a pandemic when curfews are relied upon, any sane leader would embark upon the relaxation of such an important piece of legislation.

The PM should have further calculated that he was dealing with a population with enormous pre-existing conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity and who by nature are adamant in being vaccinated.  These are the hard facts confronting the PM.  One never lights a match in proximity to a tank of gasoline, but this is what transpired.

Our contribution today must not be seen as criticism, but indeed factual.  There are individuals, within our society who call for a lockdown, but we say no to this cry as this will only inflame an inflammable situation.  We must learn to co-exist with COVID, but we must implement the necessary measures to work for the nation and not against it. Prime Minister, we do not need a fortune teller, we need a realist and after six weeks in office you need to wake up and smell the coffee, as people are perishing and suffering and our economy declining.

From the end of last week until today some 1000 cases have been reported and according to the last calculations the Delta variant is responsible for a transmissible rate of 1 to 4.5.  Please do the calculation if you are willing to take this matter seriously.

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