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The Realities of Discreet Governance

By James Edwin

ST. LUCIA was way ahead of the pack when it came to keeping the COVID situation in check up to September 2020 until the SLP participated in a silly demonstration supposedly to display their might. This situation was the commencement of a surge which created serious problems for the nation. Now, St. Lucia is back to a level of normalcy with just five patients at Victoria Hospital, we have apparently not learned our lesson, as three days ago we noticed a motorcade in campaign action with no permission from the police.

This is irresponsible, as it is this unlawful behaviour which will put the nation where it does not belong. This pandemic thrives on clusters and we have three areas we can make reference to at this time. Two months ago, a group of Martiniquans disregarded protocol for the carnival, as a result 1000 new cases emerged. Cayman Islands which is a small and disciplined nation held their elections and there went the spike. India, which had done exceptionally well and appeared to be a nation that one could have followed as a result of their tremendous vaccine roll out, allowed the election campaign and today India is one of the worse countries in the world with a mortality rate of 3000 per day.

These are frightening bits of statistics we in St. Lucia need to seriously recognize in light of the desperate actions of the opposition to hold an election come hell or high water. St. Lucia is a tiny nation with limited across the board infrastructure and further does not have the resources to address a pandemic of any magnitude.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly indicated that calling an election in the midst of COVID is dangerous, but he is being seen differently by the opposition. The opposition remains in denial regarding the consequences and not being able to come to grips with reality is worrisome. Virtual meetings are just as significant in conveying the political message from both parties as it filters into the homes of the electorate even better from the Boulevard or on the Market Steps.

Another worrisome situation which appears to be most prevalent at this time, is the despicable aggression from certain politicians who seem to have lost control of their better judgment. St. Lucia is a small nation and there is no need to get on like hooligans, when we are supposed to be seeking the right to represent a nation at the highest levels in the coming five years.

There is no place for hatred, race, or any other areas associated with this unacceptable behaviour. In our view, the individuals pursuing such a practice only discredit themselves as individuals wishing to place themselves in a position of class and respectability.

Democracy is a God given right of every individual to use this gift as they see fit without undue interference. Any form of compromise in this regard invariably jeopardizes that voter from sharing their honest and candid opinion.

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