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The Failures of Adherence and Political Bias

By James Edwin

THE forty-seven new positive Covid cases remain of concern to all St. Lucians, but it also remains a stark reminder that clusters will simply increase the spread.

Is it possible that the recent clusters from the SLP motorcade may have contributed to the recent spike? The big question remains what is there to be gained from these demonstrations which cannot be accomplished from virtual meetings?

The dangers with this flirtation can bring about needless casualties as we have witnessed at various troubled areas in the region and further afield. Here at home, we have had a slight experience of casualties but some of us continue turning a blind eye to the inevitable. The PM has consistently highlighted the anticipated ill effects of a Covid spike in an election period, but there are individuals who remain in denial to advance their personal agendas.

As a people, we must act with a level of commonsense to address the spread whenever and wherever possible. Any escalation will directly affect our economy and by extension the hospitality industry which so far has performed miraculously.

The cruise line industry has made an important and costly decision to restart the industry in this part of the world and we owe it to ourselves and our cruise line partners to act responsibly to ensure that there are no hiccups within this major exercise. We must bear in mind the vendors and taxi operators who have experienced a financial drought over the past 16 months. These individuals require all the co-operation available to ensure a smooth transition of success.

On a completely different subject, we were appalled by the latest decision by the National Trust to institute legal proceedings against government for seeking to restore a sense of patriotism and respect to the 1200 police officers who toil 24 hours each day to protect the nation from the adversities of crime. Regardless of any technicalities included in their lawsuit, the nation should not lose sight that both the SLP and UWP administrations were on the same page regarding the tearing down of the old prison, but more importantly, the British who constructed the prison advised the nation that the structures should be torn down based on their hideous and humiliating past and above all to enhance the aesthetics of the city.

The SLP and UWP administrations together, speak in one voice for the nation, yet the National Trust finds it fitting to contest that unanimous decision. There are so many sites around St. Lucia crying for assistance which have been neglected by the Trust, yet the Trust continues pursuing a losing battle both from a patriotic and financial aspect.

The Cabot situation is another nightmare for the Trust based on the most recent report by a group of archaeologists handpicked by the Trust to report on the status of the site.

Instead of accepting the decision by the archaeologists, we witness certain members attempting to discredit those learned gentlemen who have taken the time to do what they were required to do. This is so sad, but hopefully better sense will prevail in the long run if and when the Trust redefines its direction in restoring what the Trust was once expected of them as a body working in the true interest of the nation.

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