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The Distasteful Aspects of Social Media

By James Edwin

POLITICAL operatives and party members who believe in propagating false information will one day pay a high price for this deception. We simply have to revisit the United States which all of us depend upon in so many ways, allowing the nation to be led astray by lies and deception from a concentrated number of deceitful party supporters controlled by one man. A nation not abiding by laws, discipline and honesty will someday find itself on the wrong side of the law.

Governments are chosen for a particular reason, amongst the many reasons, “To keep the nation safe and dignified.” The duty of our parents and teachers is to guide us in our formative years to follow the basic principles of life, therefore, any individual, politician, parent, teacher, police officer or anyone authorized to guide us but who decides to ignore this responsibility is certainly not on the right side of history. We highlight these today, based on the deception within our social media which has become far too reckless.

The situation has gone from bad to worse in the last several months which is extremely despicable. The most worrisome topic at the moment, is the level of misconception pertaining to the importance of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and the accompanying protocols which need to be followed to ensure the safety of all St. Lucians in achieving the herd immunity.

On the other hand, we are pleased to observe that over the last seven days, St. Lucians appear to have a new mindset as far as becoming vaccinated is concerned as the numbers attending the various clinics have risen five-fold. This is most encouraging as this movement comes on the heels of what is transpiring overseas.

ForwardKeys insights vice president Olivier Ponti said: “Vaccinations appear to hold the key to reviving international travel, as countries that make clear promises to welcome vaccinated travelers are being rewarded by strong surges in flight bookings. We are seeing a revival of confidence in outbound travel from countries where there has been a successful rollout of Covid-19 vaccines too. From a commercial perspective, the outlook is likely to be a little better than the numbers portray because travelers are booking longer durations. Furthermore, if restrictions are eased in both origin markets and destinations, there are grounds for further optimism because there is strong pent-up demand and, during the pandemic, people have shown themselves willing to make bookings at significantly shorter notice than they used to.” Evidence has shown that Greece and Iceland, which will welcome vaccinated travelers this summer, have seen inbound flight bookings pick up dramatically from the moment of their announcements. Greece tops the list of most popular destinations for British travelers this summer, ticketing research firm ForwardKeys revealed.

Confirmed tickets for travel between July and September are 12% ahead of where they were at the equivalent moment in 2019 and the correlation between vaccination rates and outbound travel is strong, as consumers gain confidence, the statistics show.

The ball is therefore in our court to ensure we remain in the successful fold of Tourism destinations.

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