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Secondary School Students Robbed in Broad Daylight

Students of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School have become the target of hoodlums and thieves as they have become the victims of robberies over the past week.

During an interview, Principal Rohan Lubon confirmed that in a space of a week at least five of his students had been robbed, some on their way to school.

What’s even more concerning is that the thieves aren’t only stealing personal possessions from the children, some are attacking the students with knives.

Lubon confirmed that the school frequently educates students on safety tips and measures that should be practiced to curb unwanted attention to them and their valuables.

Police have since heightened their presence in known hot spots.

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  1. I suppose that calls for permanent Police Security at ‘ALL’ Schools on the Island.
    Added burden on the already strained financial situation. Time to restart the whip.

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