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National Youth Council to Take Action Amid Executive Controversy

A series of damaging voice notes and private messages screenshotted has placed a senior official of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council (NYC) at the center of controversy.

According to well-placed sources, members of the executive of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council are aware of the media being circulated in the public domain as well as confidential material leaked to media houses.

Individuals close to the executive of the umbrella body for all youth and sports organizations, and the main representative for youth between the ages of 10-35 years old, have indicated that a statement from the active executive is imminent within the coming days.

Quite the debacle for the six-member executive team as the contents of the messages which have been widely circulated on social media channels is now threatening a flawless N.Y.C tenure that has been headed by President, Nyus Alfred.

Efforts to reach Mr. Alfred by The Voice have been futile up until the time of publication.

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