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I thought I knew what Democracy was, but apparently, I was wrong…

We live in a time when free speech and personal opinions are suppressed and curtailed. Criticism can be subjective or objective and it can be used for negative purposes or to alert the authorities that their methods or policies are not appreciated by all citizens.

No doubt in the reign of any government there will be positive development, but equally there can also be non-progressive actions. The sad thing about government is the promises that they make, the plans they promise to fulfill, they forget earlier critical opinions they had when the other party was in power, the many things that they wrote in their manifesto, the many actions they condemned and the many pronouncements that they frequently made and said, that all now seem to mean nothing.

Then if the times come to question or reference these previous statements or promises and you are displeased or not satisfied and you question or seek clarification or answers, you seem to be referred to as abstract or non-supportive.

Funny enough, we are now told that if you did not vote a particular party into power, that you will not get national support from government, even though you pay taxes like every other person.

VAT does not know colour or party, even when you pay licenses in full and the state decides to shorten the hours, you get no discounts or refunds. The institutions that are supposedly helpful and should give support do not always deliver, such as the Legal system and the police. The system that is supposed to create opportunity for all decides that only certain segments, or people get the desired help.

The money that is borrowed on behalf of the people, can be used and spent at will, promises can go through the window and if you fuss, condemn, or inquire, or agitate you are likely to be arrested or silenced.

I use to think that in a democracy, you had freedom of choice or association, but it looks like I was misguided, I used to think based on what you see or hear, that you could pass judgement, but again I was wrong, What I fear most is the erosion of human freedom and dignity.

I should never have an opinion, I should always have the freedom to express my point of view, if we are not suppose to think differently, then we live in a dictatorship, and it seems that one grouping have the right to govern.

It is sad when we are given no choices, it is wrong to be fooled, or lied to, this mental slavery is damaging, and smells, of future disaster, No one group have the answers, and no one grouping should believe that only they should rule or govern.

If the time has come when other people’s opinion don’t count, then is time for us to be put back in chains, time to reestablish slavery, because our Government, at this point in time, with the support of the police, have taken over our lives.

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